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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

When you flush the toilet, does water from the tank refill the bowl so quickly that an overflow happens even though the drain isn't clogged?

Does it seem like your toilet is constantly running?

Did you flush the toilet, wait for the tank water to refill the bowl, and see that nothing happened?

Contact us now so we can help solve your toilet problem easily!


Adams received a call from the homeowner with young kids. . . . they had a blocked toilet.


Our Adams Plumber arrived on-site and traced the blockage back to a yoghurt container!

After some investigation, the plumber had to lift the toilet to find the blockage. The plumber was then able to remove the yoghurt container from the drain. Once the plumber re-instated the toilet and checked that everything was ok, they found a faulty ballcock valve that needed to be replaced on further investigation. The faulty ballcock was causing the toilet to constantly run and forced the toilet to overflow.

Problem solving easily.

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