Adams specialises in design and installation of septic tank systems and wastewater systems, whether you are building your new home, need repairs, or your septic tank system simply needs to be serviced, our Adams team can tell you all you need to know.

As the property owner, it is a fact that your wastewater system and your septic tank maintenance is your responsibility.

Did you know that having some sludge present in the bottom of your septic tank supports good bacteria, having too much sludge in your septic tank can reduce the amount of time wastewater can be held for, this can result in an insufficient wastewater treatment, potentially creating an environmental problem and can affect your health as well?

New water connections - Adams are a authorised water supply connection


Septic Tank installation - Adams are authorised installers for Advantex, Airtech, Hynds Wastewater Treatment Plants as well as standard septic systems.

Septic Tank Servicing - Adams will take care of your regular septic tank service. No need to remember when that is, our system will ensure that you are scheduled regularly for your service.

Repairs and advice on all things septic - Adams will ensure that all of your septic tank and wastewater systems are quoted, designed and installed fit for the purpose.

We can supply septic tank pumps, parts and accessories that need replacing.

For a Septic Tank quote call Glen van der Vliet 03 477 0077