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For your home or business, 24/7, Adams will take care of all your electrical work: servicing, maintenance, repairs, or emergencies. An Adams electrician is only a phone call away.


Whether you need an electrical inspection for a house sale, a new hot water cylinder, or a Powerpoint added, our electricians will ensure the work is carried out swiftly and competently.


  • General electrical repairs or maintenance

  • Powerpoint installation

  • Smoke detectors

  • House rewiring

  • Electrical inspections

  • Downlights, landscape, or security lighting installed

  • Hot water systems

  • Appliances installation, testing, and servicing

  • Solar systems and spa pool installation.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections are commonly required for insurance when buying or selling houses, especially if built pre-1950s. Adams completes full electrical inspections, providing a detailed report on the wiring/ cabling, switches, plugs, light fittings, and switchboards of your property for your bank or insurance provider.



Adams is the trustworthy, reliable company you need to do the job. Adams is the electrical provider for Dunedin's leading construction and building companies.

For an Electrical quote, call Chris Kirkland 03 477 0077


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