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Updated: May 13, 2022


The homeowner called our Adams Plumber during level four lockdown. They had noticed their hot water cylinder was leaking.

ADAMS' SOLUTION: The Plumber spoke with the customer before he arrived and advised them he would follow the social distancing rules and wear a mask while on-site; he came wearing his PPE to remedy the leaking hot water cylinder.

On further investigation from the Plumber and after he checked the top connection of the cylinder, he found that it was still leaking. Our Adams Plumber then partially drained the cylinder and capped it off to make it safe for the rest of level four lockdown. The homeowner had another hot water cylinder they could use for the duration of lockdown, and a quote was organised to be supplied in level three. The customer accepted the quote a day later, and the customer is now getting a new hot water cylinder!

Problem-solving easily.

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