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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Did you know that If the water main is leaking on your side of the property from where the water meter is located, it is your responsibility to get it fixed, and you need to contact us urgently?

If the leak is from the roadside or over the fence, you need to contact the council.

Call us on 03 477 0077, so we can help solve your flooding problems easily!


Adams received a call from a property manager acting on behalf of the homeowner. Their tenants had noticed some water pooling at the bottom of the pathway near the corner of the house.


Adams called to the site to investigate the water pooling at the bottom of the path. On further investigation, the plumber traced the fault to burst water main under the path.

The plumber then dug up the section of the path and removed the damaged pipework, and replaced it with new pipe and fittings. Our Adams plumber then completed a water pressure test to ensure no further leaks. Finally, he backfilled the hole and cleaned up the work area!

Problem solving easily.

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