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what's going to work . . TEAM WORK!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Did you know Adams offers Plumbing, Drainage, Electrical and Gasfitting services?

Adams offers fast, reliable, and quality solutions to our customer's problems are what we are all about. Our friendly, experienced and high qualified team aim to:

  1. Listen carefully and respond quickly and reliably.

  2. Be your one-stop-shop service for plumbing, drainage, electrical and gas fitting.

  3. Provide high-quality work.

  4. Communicate well by letting you know the issues, how we'll solve them for you easily, and the costs involved.

Book your next Plumbing or Electrical maintenance job HERE, or call 03 477 0077


A business owner called the Electrical team with an urgent job; they had no hot water coming through the taps at their food establishment, they had noticed that the cold water was running fine.


The Adams Electrician called to the site; they tested the hot water cylinder and traced part of the fault back to a faulty thermostat. The Electrician removed the thermostat and replaced it with a new one; once replaced, they called in the Adams Plumbers; the Plumber investigated further and found the water feed was blocked from the header tank to the hot water cylinder. The Plumber managed to unblock and flush the water through; while the Plumber was there, they managed to pick up an additional job and installed a dishwashing valve under the kitchen bench for the customer!. . ADAMS TEAMWORK!

Solve your problems easily.

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