Updated: Feb 19

As the property owner, it is a fact that your wastewater system and your septic tank maintenance is your responsibility.

Did you know that having some sludge present in the bottom of your septic tank supports good bacteria, having too much sludge in your septic tank can reduce the amount of time wastewater can be held for, this can result in an insufficient wastewater treatment, potentially creating an environmental problem and can affect your health as well?

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Adams received a call from a homeowner, who had a septic tank. But, as time went by they kept putting off the service of the tank!


Adams called to site, our trained septic tank servicemen cleaned out the pumps and checked the float. They checked the bio filter and cleaned it out, on inspection they noticed the bio filter was heavily soiled and nearly blocked. They hosed down the filters and flushed out all of the pipes in which 2 out of the 5 were the only ones working. They also checked the dripper lines to find that only 1 out of 4 were working correctly, our Adams tradesman has put the lid back on and checked the septic tank was working again.

This septic tank was serviced just in the nick of time!

Once you have had your septic tank serviced, you will automatically go into our data base and Adams will contact you when your tank needs it's next service!

Problem solving easily.

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