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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

What is Ripple Control?

Ripple Control is the result of a type of power load management known as ripple control. Load management is used to allow utilities to reduce electricity demand during peak usage times.

This option is a cheaper and more reliable alternative to using peaking power plants. However, some can take more than an hour to bring online, making load management even more critical if a plant goes offline unexpectedly.

THE PROBLEM: Adams received an after-hours call from a tenant who had no hot water during the Easter break.

ADAMS' SOLUTION: Our Adams on-call electrician called to check the hot water cylinder; they checked and tested the element in the thermostat in the hot water cylinder, they found both were working fine. The electrician traced the issue back to the ripple control and advised the tenant to contact their power company to sort the problem on further investigation.

Problem solving easily.

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