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Updated: Oct 20, 2021


Adams had a call from the property manager on behalf of the tenant. The tenant had a series of outside lighting issues. First, the security lights needed to be checked, as they only come on momentarily. The tenants both worked the night shift and had noticed that the current security light settings did not give them enough time to get from one area to another before the next one came on. They also needed the bulb on an outside light by the front door entrance replaced, not to mention the rear security light that makes a funny noise when they turn it on.


The Adams Electrician called to the site and checked both security lights at the front and back. The Electrician found that they were both faulty; they replaced the double spotlight sensor at the back of the property and replaced the sensor at the front of the property; they adjusted the timing and positioning to suit the tenants arriving home after the night shift. The Electrician replaced the bulb at the front door entrance. The tenants were pleased that they could now see in the dark!

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