Faulty or old wiring is a major cause of house fires. Old wiring isn’t capable of powering all of the electrical appliances associated with our modern lives. Circuits can easily become overloaded, potentially leading to fires. Dodgy wiring can leave our homes unsafe and open to potential fires.

What to watch out for:

  • Flickering lights – this can be a sign of an issue with your wiring

  • Circuit breakers and RCD’s tripping

  • Burning smell / fishy smell

  • Visible burns/scorch marks to sockets

Contact us now so we can help solve your Electrical problem easily!

THE PROBLEM: Our Adams on call Electrician received a call out during the Christmas holiday period. There had been a fire located in the switchboard at the property.

ADAMS' SOLUTION: Our Adams Electrician arrived on site, they inspected the switchboard after the fire and orgainsed Delta to isolate the power at the street. During this time the tenants moved out of the property while Adams could returned to rewire all fire damaged circuits and replace the switchboard with a new board that has RCD and MCB protection. Tenants returned to the property knowing their switchboard was now safe.

Problem solving easily.

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